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    Files Server is a good server which can be a good assistant to help you manage the files in your mobile phone.

    It is a free file manager app so that you can download it without money. I know that you have the question that there are so many file manager app on the internet, why you should download this one. There are so many similar apps that you can’t try them one by one.

    After you know its function and operation, you will be happy to use it. Now we talk about it in a detailed way.

    1. Files Server is designed to only provide service for file managing, so we don’t add any other functions in it. You may agree that only having one function can the manager be a professional.

    2. The time you open this server, you will see the list of files and folders on the main page. You can check t the files or folders one by one. Only touching the folder can open it so you can get to the files in it.

    3. When you touch one file, the file can be opened. Some file may don’t have the program to support it, so you need to choose one program to open it. For example, if you choose one music file, it may ne played immediately; if you open one rc format file, you need to choose one program to open it.

    4. Do you want to know how to manage the files through this app? You only touch one file or folder for a little long time, and then a menu will appear before you. You can select the copy, rename, move or detail items to operate it.

    5. I must tell you that in some mobile phones, the move, rename, and detail items may not be used, we will solve this problem in next version. I beg your forgive.

    6. If this file manager can help you in managing files, please give it five stars. I will be very happy to get your suggestions.

    Files Server is not the best file manager for android but it is the better one. I would like to share this free file manager to you because I feel very happy when I do this. You can share it with others.

    This file management is an important point and a good file manager can help you. This manager will not let you down. Please let me know any problem in this app.

    You know in the realm of computer file management, file copying, in fact, is the creation of a new file that has the same content as an existing file.

    All computer operating systems have file copying provisions in the user interface, like the command, "cp" in Unix and "copy" in MS-DOS; operating systems with a graphical user interface, or GUI, generally offer copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop methods of file copying. File manager applications, too, offer an easy way of copying files.

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