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    Demo Version – This app works one hour to you test these functions and compatibility with your Android phone.

    You will track your phone with GPS location trough SMS messages. Try and enjoy.
    Our first APP Find My Droid, in DEMO version, complies a simple way to find your lost or stole Android Phone . Through SMS messages you find your phone or tracker in 1 minute, 30 seconds or 10 seconds timers. Moreover, if your phone was stolen and your SIM card changed, the Find My Droid will send a silent SMS with new SIM data. Please pay attention in use instructions to enjoy your system Find My Droid.

    Use Instructions

    Before the system installs, put the number of phone that will be a “receptor” of the system messages, with the area code. Click in OK button to install. The screen will be closed and the system will shows a little message “system installed”. So, the system will send a SMS to receptor phone and confirm a installation. When the user turns on or turns off the phone, the system sends a SMS message to receptor.

    To send commands, use the format #9#XX where XX is the command, as show:
    #9#00 – Command system test.
    #9#01 – Command battery check.
    #9#02 – Single GPS position request.
    #9#03 – GPS positions – timer = 60 seconds
    #9#04 – GPS positions – timer = 30 seconds
    #9#05 – GPS positions – timer = 10 seconds
    #9#06 – Stop GPS positions timer requests.


    The system will send SMS with google maps link to you browser and locate the phone.

    Verify the SMS costs and conditions with your phone carrier.

    The speed of SMS commands may be slow if you have two different phone carriers between receptor and slave phones.

    The GPS localization is better in places with sky visualization.

    The system tries AUTO turn on GPS configurations, but it’s not work in some models or Android versions.

    In some models, the “turn off” alert SMS message may be not work.

    The system doesn’t send any data to any web server or another phone. The system allows send YOUR COMMANDS AND LOCALIZATION MESSAGES ONLY TO PHONE RECEPTOR configured in your phone.

    If you have any question, please read our privacy policies here: --- More information and technical support and talk to us, click here:

    This system was developed to track your phone or family only. Please verify your country rules and laws before install.

    Find My Droid was developed to full compatibility in all Android versions, but is not warranty.

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