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    Published: 2014-05-07, by Janel.

    Fake out your friends with this fake fingerprint scanner

    • Trick the gullible into thinking your device has advanced scanning tech
    • Keep your kids from using your device
    • Customizable visuals and "scanning time"
    • Will only fool the very simple
    • App doesn't actually do anything

    "Where in the whorl?"

    Oh ho ho, you merry prankster, you. Make like your device responds to your fingerprint alone with Łukasz Kosowski's Finger Scanner, which gives the appearance of scanning without actually doing anything at all.

    Set the app to pop up as your lock screen. You'll be prompted to place your finger on the scanner, and then the app appears to give it a reading. Secretly, though, you have to place one of your other fingers over the camera to be allowed entrance - it has nothing to do with your fingerprint. Appearance is fairly customizable, and you can also specify the scanning time.

    Łukasz Kosowski's Finger Scanner might be a funny joke to pull on very young children - in fact, I can see it being a handy way to get your kids to leave your device alone. Other than that, though, it's a fairly one-trick pony app.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    May 07, 2014



    Finger Scanner uses special algorithms to determine whether you cover your phones camera lens.

    Discretely move your finger over CAMERA lens and start scanning. Prank your friends by telling them that only yours unique fingerprint can unlock your phone using on screen fingerprint sensor!

    Learn how to use different modes reading built-in How To Use tutorial.

    Available features:
    - two working modes: single & double protection
    - unlock by scanning or pin
    - set as LOCKSCREEN
    - override home button (compatible with launchers)
    - highly customizable
    - use background, colors and fonts of your choice
    - different scanning times

    Disclaimer: Finger Scanner only imitates to work as a real on-screen fingerprint scanner. Phone has to have appropriate fingerprint sensor to read fingerprints. This app is designed mostly for entertaining/fun purposes.

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