Flash Light Torch




    Are your Smartphone is smart enough to show you a way in the DARKNESS????
    Did you ever used your smartphone as a Torch????

    You have a smartphone, make it more "SMART" with "Flash Light Torch".

    "Flash Light Torch" is a very lightweight application which is designed to make your smartphone more "SMARTER" then ever.

    Just think, what will happen, when suddenly light is gone? There is a big darkness around you. Now what will you do??

    Answer is here, "Use the Flash Light Torch, and kill the darkness". Just Open the application and get the light using your smartphone's camera flash.

    It is designed with a unique, simple and clean user interface, to make you more comfort with it.

    Suggestions are most welcome. Give the suggestions and I will implement it for you.

    Permissions Description:

    Accessing Camera:
    Required to use camera flash.

    Required to give you vibration feedback, while you are interacting with the app.

    Network Access:
    As this is completely free app, We have partnered with an ads provider company to support development, We need this permission to show you ads.