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    Pro version of Color Flashlight 360 app for all Android phone! Incredibly simple, very useful, and the best flashlight app for android yet. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch.
    Apps can help you use your smart phone as a flashlight whenever you need.

    The main characteristics of Pro version:
    - Completely Free
    - Has the best free flashlight support.
    - Flashlight app with nice layout and simple controls.
    - Free flashlight without any additional / hidden costs.
    - The best flashlight and one of the highest rated on the market.
    - The best tablet app available today on all device resolutions.
    - Flashlight with a small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption. Highly optimized.
    - Strobe light function with adjustable on/off intervals
    - Morse code functionality with a Text to Morse code support.
    - Do not steal user information
    - Run fast, immediate
    - Saves energy when not in use
    - Easy to use for most users
    - The time, the time and the battery life of the device in the best way
    - The sleek, user-friendly
    - Afternoon other useful functions

    The main functions:
    - Enlighten quick light from the main interface
    - Bright lights of emergency alert, emergency
    - Light of police lights
    - Light Screen colors
    - Candle Light, strobe light
    - Disco Light Full screen
    - Spiral Light Full screen
    - Use bright screen if the device does not have flash light
    - Color bulbs light
    - SOS Light with flash

    - Setting sound and default light...

     Currently, this is the only app that supports almost all devices with camera flashlight and fully supports all versions of Android (2.1 to 4.3). This takes huge

    amounts of time and effort and in order for Flashlight LED to remain the best flashlight on the market, I have to use ads inside it.

    Why Flashlight LED needs so many permissions and how are they used:

    - In order to start the camera flashlight on some devices, Flashlight has to use a small part of the camera hardware and it needs this permission. Don't worry, I'm not

    taking any pictures or videos without your permission. Flashlight is just accessing the camera LED / flash.
    The following permissions are required by Google's own ad provider (Admob) and Millennial Media (the biggest independent ad network). Both are respected industry


    - Used to load ad info from their servers.

    - Some Motorola devices have factory bugs. These devices don't have unique IDs and this became a problem for ad networks, because they can't function without it. There

    is a workaround for this problem by using the PHONE IDENTITY permission. This permission is used only for getting a unique id.

    Disclaimer: Strobe light can cause seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face when the flash light in flashing mode.
    Turn your phone int a color flashlight! It helps find your way in the theater is that you keep stepping on. Find your keys in the dark. Dance with strobe light in a club.

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