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    FlashLight Controller

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    Take control over the flash light on you phone. Turn it on and off whenever you want.

    This is application that will make your phone to use it like a Flashlight.

    The light that is emitted with this application is so strong that will give a feeling that there is a thunder.

    It will use the Flashlight and the LED Light of your phone.

    It is very simple to use it start the application from the launcher or long press on the search button and the FlashLight Controller will be shown.

    This is the fastest and the simplest app to use.

    Incredibly simple and yet very useful flashlight application. It will make you phone to be a tool like a Torch.

    - It supports every device with camera flashlight (led flash)
    - It's also the increase the light of the flashlight and it makes the brightest light.
    - Emits tha LED light at Maximum
    - Emits tha camera flash Flash light at Maximum

    The app uses the led flash to emit very bright light (the brightest that your phone supporst)

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