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    This application is for the Sony Ericsson LiveView SmartWatch

    FlashLight/LiveView plugin allows you to use your Live View or your phones camera light as a flashlight.Whether you are trying to find something in the morning or just need a quick light this is the app for you!!

    This app allows you to use the torch light on your phone or the Live View display to bring illumination to any situation. You will find that the Live View produces a very good amount of light.

    Once you install this app you simply:

    1. Launch the app on your Live View
    2. Press the left button to have your Live View go to an all white display and press left again to turn off the light.Same for the right button press right to have your phone torch light to turn on, and press right again to turn off the torch light.

    Updates to come, but please enjoy this app, and email me with questions, bugs, or comments!!!

    Major light announcement!! We have made many great updates to FlashLight/LiveView plugin that were hoping you would enjoy, but the amount of change was so great that we actually had to make a completely new product. This new app "Flashlight/LiveView plugin+app" keeps all of the basic functionality that you know and love with FlashLight/LiveView plugin, but adds a Home Screen Widget, and an app with some great light showing features. We are going to keep Live Light going and updated for those who just want a basic Live View Plugin. If you are interested in seeing what is new with light then come on by and check out Ultimate Live Light. This new app is free as well so enjoy!!!

    FlashLight/LiveView App+Plugin

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    Previous Updates:
    v5: 2/3/2013
    This update will make the liveview vibrate every time you take a successful action so that you can know something is happening. You have the option to turn the vibrate off if you want.
    v4: You now have the option to select what the top right button will do.

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