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    - METARs & TAFs from NOAA
    - Airports from & World Aero Data
    - Convenient unit converter
    - Lots of E6B calculations built in
    - Leg calculator makes filling out and checking Navigation Logs a breeze!
    - A lot more! Want more still? Ask!

    FlightPlan is a native Android application for both professional and hobbyist pilots. At its core, FlightPlan functions as an aviation calculator by simplifying many common calculations typically performed with an E6B slide rule computer. FlightPlan makes quick work of your number crunching, and is even used by CFIs to quickly check their student's flight and leg calculations (see Leg Calculator feature and FlightPlanHD's new Navigation Log screen)

    FlightPlan for android will be evolving fast. All new features for pilots and their aircraft will be included free of charge. I'm always looking for user's feedback, so please feel free to email me with suggestions!

    FlightPlan for android currently has the following calculations and features included:

    Airport Lookup
    - World Aero Data

    - Quickly convert between common units, including Avgas and Jet-A1 weights to volumes and visa versa!

    - Cumuliform Cloud Base
    - Density Altitude
    - Dewpoint
    - Heat Index
    - Pressure Altitude
    - Temperature from PA and DA
    - Wind Direction and Speed
    - METARs
    - TAFs

    - Climb Gradient to Climb Rate
    - Course, Ground Speed, Wind Correction Angle
    - Critical Point
    - Distance for Descent
    - Distance from Time and Ground Speed
    - Ground Speed Required
    - Heading, Ground Speed, Wind Correction Angle
    - Leg Calculator (New)
    - Minimum Flight Level
    - Radius of Turn
    - Rate of Descent
    - Rate of Turn
    - Runway Crosswind
    - Time en-route
    - True Airspeed, Density Altitude, Pressure Altitude
    - True Airspeed (Rule of Thumb)
    - Wind Star

    - Bingo Fuel
    - Endurance
    - Fuel Burn
    - Fuel Rate
    - Fuel Uplift
    - Joker Fuel
    - Point of No Return

    If you notice any anomalies on your device please let me know. It seems to be difficult to predict how the app will look on all devices, and I appreciate your patience while I work through any issues that are reported.

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    Rory Kruger

    by Rory Kruger

    Oct 18, 2015  |  "Poor"

    If you supply this app in my country you should at least have the TAF for my area (johannesburg).

    arno coetzee

    by arno coetzee

    Aug 02, 2015  |  "Good"

    Runways at FALA still shows RW 06L and 06R. This is wrong. Runway is now 07/25. This has been changed about a year ago after all the renovations.

    Shane Carter

    by Shane Carter

    Apr 13, 2014  |  "Good"

    This app has some useful features. A suggested improvement would be to make it possible to save airport information on the device and easily recall later without being connected to the internet.

    Pete Zee

    by Pete Zee

    Mar 11, 2014  |  "Poor"

    Force close, no internet found, etc, etc. Refund

    Trnod P

    by Trnod P

    Sep 22, 2013  |  "Poor"

    missing a lot of airports. try f.e searching on LKLT which is in czech. says that i dont have internet connection even if i do. cant even load the information about comming features.

    Jay Vaja

    by Jay Vaja

    Jun 29, 2013  |  "Great"

    Its a brilliany app but needs a few tweeks One big thing that i would love to be added is having a TAS to IAS converter, then it would be a defo 5 star