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    Multi Tasking just got a little more easier!

    Floating Drawer floats on top of your applications and lets you dock your home screen widgets in it so you can access the widgets without even having to leave the application you are in.

    Access multiple widgets without covering up the entire screen.

    Check your text messages while playing games.

    Check contacts while watching a video.

    Want to use the entire screen for your Application? Hide "Floating Drawer" with a single swipe. Re-open it when needed with just another swipe.

    Do you have a favorite widget? Un-dock it from the drawer to let it float by itself on your applications. Drag and drop it back in to the drawer when done. (PRO VERSION ONLY)

    Please leave comments and/or suggestions. I will make sure to work on it to provide a better user experience.


    Application Shortcuts and Un-docking widgets require PRO version.

    Container only holds 5 widgets at a time for Lite. please remove one widget to add a different one when you reach the Limit or update to PRO version for container to hold unlimited number of widgets

    Requires Android 4.0 or Higher.

    Scrolling is enabled on the far left for the container with widgets

    Long press on the bottom left corner of a widget to un-dock it from the drawer and float it on your Application

    Hiding the drawer from notification, completely hides the drawer. you will have to re-launch the app to see the drawer again. You will still be able to dock the floating widgets even though the drawer is completely hidden.

    Permissions Required:

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Tags: widget, float, quick launch, quick peek, system overlay, dock, drawer, navigation.

    Tags: navigation drawer

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