Flow is an on-screen keyboard that enables exceptionally fast text input on your phone. It combines many different features to improve typing speed:

    - Enter each word in a single gesture (similar to Swype or SlideIT). Touch the first letter, move your finger smoothly from one key to the next, and lift it when you reach the end of the word. Spaces between words are inserted automatically.

    - The keyboard layout is optimized by analyzing common patterns in English words. The QWERTY layout used by most keyboards was designed for typing with two hands, and it's a terrible layout for on-screen use. The Flow layout is optimized so common words can be entered with the shortest, smoothest path possible.

    - Keys are large and evenly spaced for improved accuracy.

    - The most common punctuation symbols are directly available without needing a modifier key.

    - Double letters are recognized automatically. You don't need to "scribble over" them like with Swype.

    - When a word is recognized, it flashes briefly on top of the keyboard. You don't need to move your eyes away from the keyboard to verify it.

    - Long-press any key for a selection of alternate characters.

    - Supports voice input.

    - Supports English (American and British), French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Try Flow today and start improving your typing speed - guaranteed, or your money back! (How many other free keyboards dare to promise THAT?) And please send feedback so we can continue to improve Flow. Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome. Flow is an open source project.

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