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    The FluMoS mobile FluidMonitoring software is a tool for the wireless transmission of fluid data to mobile end devices (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet-PC). This makes it possible not only to display received measured values in real time in tabular and graphic form, but also to save them on mobile end devices and to distribute them using the "Share" button (e.g. e-mail dispatch, file-sharing systems, cloud upload, etc.).

    On the HYDAC side, currently the products FCU 1000, SMU 1200 and CSI-C-11 (e.g. as an extension to CSM) are supported by FluMoS, whereby the CSI-C-11 can also be parameterized via the app (e.g. Wi-Fi settings, parameters of connected sensors).

    FluMoS mobile is thus an important component for the analysis of measured fluid parameters and maintenance measures to be derived from them in the context of modern Predictive Maintenance approaches. Simple data distribution from the machine to Predictive Maintenance planning thus takes place, either in each office or to globally networked end devices. FluMoS mobile thus integrates itself seamlessly into the family of condition monitoring solutions from the HYDAC Company.

    - Wireless transmission to and storage of the data from the FCU, SMU, CSM on your smartphone
    - Easy data transfer from the field to the maintenance staff, your office, central file-sharing systems or any PC

    The advantages to you
    - Displays current measurement values in tabular format
    - Graphical representation of the changes in sensor measured values or system state data (trend analysis)
    - Selective download of log files in .dat format from the internal memory of the FCU 1000, SMU 1200 or CSI-C-11 to your Android device
    - Data transfer from the field to the customer, service or PC in the office via smartphone
    - Ideal component for the completion of modern Predictive Maintenance approaches


    Please note that by installing FluMoS, you accept the "Special Sales and Delivery Conditions for Software Products/Freeware" terms and conditions.


    This application requires the following privileges:

    - Network communication
    - Connect to Bluetooth devices
    - Access Bluetooth settings
    - System files

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