Increase (or decrease) your system font size to make it easier (or more difficult) to read.

    Free with no ads whatsoever, no need for internet access.

    Root access required for Android 4.2 and up.

    Choose a font scaling size between 55% and 145% (increments of 15%). The effect of this may be limited depending on your firmware. It is not recommended to choose a size larger than 130%.

    For reference, the Android AOSP 'Huge' font size setting is 130%. Stock Android selectable settings are: 85% (tiny), 100% (normal), 115% (large), and 130% (huge).

    Some manufacturers have removed this from their firmware because of limited system support. Examples of this include all implementations of HTC Sense 3.6 on the EVO 3D, Android 4.0 on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

    If you happen to have a HTC phone, you may not notice a difference in your stock launcher and settings, because HTC broke this functionality in their some of their Android builds.

    Compatible for Android 4.0+

    Requested to make changes to system settings, nothing more.

    For some applications to update the chat font size, you may need to close the application and run it again for changes to be applied.

    On Android 4.2 and up, FontUp will try to obtain root access on first load, and will take longer to start than usual as a result.

    On newer versions of Android, this requires context switching support from the su binary, supported from SuperSU 1.97 and up. Tested by a friend on Android 5 Lolipop.

    Development Notes:
    Makes use of RootTools from

    Change and set font and text size

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