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    No more financial surprises. Circa 170 currencies!! after the first currency update. (including gold, silver, platinum etc)
    With this “on the fly” Currency Converter you always know how much something costs, whether you are on vacation in a foreign country or you are buying items on internet.

    It works, independent from internet, anywhere and everywhere. No more depending on the phone-connection, no expensive data-roaming when abroad.
    To stay accurate and “up to date” you can update the ccurrency-database with a press of a button, but only when you decide. This way you can do it at home or when there is wi-fi in your hotel.
    The update-process will get the accurate exchange-rate for approximately 170 different currencies and store them in the currency-database.

    The Currency Converter has 4 “pre-set” buttons. Each of them contains a “from” and a “to” currency and the conversion-factor.
    You simply type in an amount, press the conversion-button of your choice and instantly get the “from amount” and the “to amount” on the screen.

    You can easily change the “pre-sets” by keeping the button pressed for 2 seconds, and in the next screen choose the “from” and “to” currency. You can even change the conversion-factor in case the street-rates are different from the official exchange-rate.

    Updating the currency-database is just as easy. From the menu-button, choose “update currency” and in a few seconds (up to 1 minute on slow connections) approximately 170 currencies and their exchange-rates are downloaded and stored in the internal currency-database.
    If you do this once a week or once a month, you always have the correct exchange-rate at your fingertips.

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