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    **** WARNING ****
    There are some reports that after running this app on Android 4.3, their devices are become slower than usual.
    Use at your own risk.

    ######### Note ##########
    Please read carefully what this app does;
    This app will fill your SD Card with many blank files(*.blank), then delete all of the *.blank files.

    This will ensure all deleted files on your SD Card are overwritten and cannot be recovered by any File Recovery Apps.

    Please don't rate 1 star just because you didn't read the instructions and the app fills your SD Card with junk files, as it is supposed to fill your SD card with junk files before it deletes them!

    This app is not a virus or malware, as it says exactly what it will do and does only what it says it will do.

    --- Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner) ---

    Do you know the deleted file can be recovered?
    Do you know the data of deleted file still remains on your SD card although you have deleted it?
    Do you know recovering deleted files is so easy?
    Do you know there are several applications that can recover your deleted file?

    Technically, after you delete a file, its data still remains on physical space. The deleted file can be recovered by any "File Recovery" apps unless there is some file written over that physical space.

    Forever Gone is an app that can make your deleted file cannot recovered. It will create blank files (*.blank) to fulfill your SD card and then delete all of its, so all remaining data of your deleted files will be overwritten and cannot be recovered anymore.

    This app useful if you have been deleted some private files such as photos, video clips, movies, sounds or documents etc. You should use this app to clean your SD card to ensure that your deleted private files can not be recovered by third-party anymore.

    To clean your SD card is so easy, just click "Clean Free Space" button, then wait until the cleaning process finishes. This process may take very long time depending on the size of free space. You can leave this process in background but do not lock your phone while the process is still running, because it may make your phone not responding until the process finishes. (You can avoid this problem by check at "Pause the cleaning process when screen turns off" option)

    For safety reason, the process will be stopped when you run the process in background and free space is lower than 50 MB. You can continue the process by press at the "Clean Free Space (SD Card)" again.

    ***** Note *****
    This app does not guarantee that every free space on your SD card will be overwritten. So there may be a chance that some files can be recovered.

    Recent Changes:
    v 1.01
    - bug fix
    v 1.02
    - change interface
    - bug fix
    v 1.03
    - change interface
    - add info page
    v 1.04
    - bug fix
    v 1.05
    - change some interfaces
    - add option to pause the cleaning process when screen turns off
    v 1.08
    - decrease priority of the cleaning process when running in background
    - change UI
    - add permission "READ_PHONE_STATE"
    v 1.11
    - removed permission "READ_PHONE_STATE"

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