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    Freefall Depth Stopwatch is two apps in one:

    1. A stopwatch: you can measure the depth of a cliff, a well or a hole by dropping an object and measuring its falling time.

    Simply press the button as you drop the object.
    On impact press the button again.
    Done! Depth, time and even impact Speed are displayed.

    It’s ideal for mountain climbers, scouts, cave explorers and other adventurers!

    2. A calculator: by selecting the falling object and then pressing on Depth, Speed or Time to calculate the remaining values. You won’t find another app in the market that is able to calculate all three with air-resistance (or not).

    To calculate fall ignoring air resistance simply select in the object list “No air resistance”.

    Keep in mind that objects falling through the atmosphere have a terminal speed depending on their surface area and their weight. With no air everything falls with the same acceleration with no terminal speed.

    It’s Ideal for student and teachers who want to verify their results of school exercises and experiments.

    -Can calculate freefall with/without air-resistance.
    -Internal super high precision, scientifically correct calculations.
    -Its fast and very responsive.
    -You can use volume button as trigger if you like.
    -Press on Depth, Speed or Time to calculate other two values.
    - Set units feet or meter.
    - Its freeee, full and NO TRIAL version.

    If you found a bug or want an improvement, Please give a good Score, so we have a good motivation to continue improving the app!

    Have Fun!!!

    PS: Humans are not “falling” objects! 

    About the requested Permissions:

    android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and
    android.permission.INTERNET - We use both only for unobtrusive Ads from Admob.

    android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" – To prevent the screen from turning off during measurements.

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