Fuel Discount Calculator




    Fuel Discount Calculator is a simple and elegant App designed to calculate the exact fuel/gas to fill when using discount vouchers, shopper dockets or coupons.

    The all-in-one interface works out the cash or volume amount you need to pump taking into account the fuel price and discount offered.

    Lets say the fuel price is $1.555/L and you want to spend $50.02. If you have a discount of $0.08/L, Fuel Discount Calculator instantly works out that you need to pump the amount of $52.73 or 33.91L.

    Key Features
    - Fast all-in-one user interface
    - Automatically saves last input
    - Automatic country/region detection for currency and volume (litres or gallons)
    - Switch between cash or volume results

    How to Use
    1) Enter the fuel price displayed at the pump in the "Fuel Price" box eg. $1.555/L, $3.467/gal
    2) Enter the fuel discount offered in the "Fuel Discount" box eg. $0.08/L, $0.1/gal
    3) Enter the cash amount you wish to spend in the "Spend" box eg. $50.02
    4) Fill the vehicle with the cash amount stated in the "Pump Display" box eg. $52.73
    5) Optionally switch to a volume result by pressing the "Pump Display" box eg. 33.91L

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