Fun Locker




    The locker for cell phone based on the Android system. Use it to lock and unlock your screen.

    *A time and date display
    *Support vibration
    *Close wifi
    *Easy and simple to use
    *Special background

    Functions introduction:
    Open this app and turn it on in its main interface. This app supports vibration effect, you can open it in the main interface, too.
    When you use this app to lock screen, you will find the background is very special in the locked screen. It is brown, and a map is under the locker, looks like you are a general which command a large number of armies to win the wars.
    Let¡¯s go back to the locked screen, three icons will unlock screen and open some programs of the cell phone. In the middle of them, it is the lock icon, press and drag it down to unlock screen. The icons stands on the left side and right side are phone and message. Press and drag any of them, you can not only unlock screen, but also open the dial interface or messages box.
    In the locked screen, you can see the time and date. In the top right corner, there are icons for the status of both wifi and cell phone battery.
    It is well known that wifi costs large battery, for saving some battery, you can turn it off in this app, in the locked screen by clicking its icon.

    Lock screen on cell phones often provide more functions than unlocking screen: such as notifications for emails and text messages, a date and time display, or shortcuts to certain applications. In Fun Locker, there are shortcuts for phone and message, a date and time display, and the switch for the wifi. Isn¡¯t it amazing?

    Please feedback this free app with five stars. Thanks for your support!

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