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    Functional Text Widget contains three widgets which are weather, clock and battery widgets. Each one of these widgets not only has their own ability, but also has other functions.

    1. First, I should tell you that this app is free so that you need not to afford it.

    2. After you have installed this app, you can find it in your mobile phone widget. Then you can add a shortcut on the screen. There are three different kinds of widgets so that you need to set them one by one.

    3. Le t us talk about the weather widget first. After you open it, you need to input the location and then it will give you a menu to let you choose the detailed location. It provides more than teen different languages for you to choose. The format of temperature can be chosen and you can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. Another point of this widget is that you can set this widget connecting with a app in your mobile phone. When you touch the widget on screen, that app will be opened. The color of the widget can be set as you like. Then touch the save button and you will see that widget on the screen.

    4. The clock widget and battery widget have the same functions with the weather widget. You can do many settings as you like to them. Each of them can connect with one app. After you finished your setting and then you will see them on screen.

    5. This app is small and easy but its function is powerful. Only several words can’t introduce it detailedly. I hope you can try it and if you feel this app is good, I hope you can give me five stars.

    Functional Text Widget is a simple text widget and it is the text widget for android. You know that a widget is very convenient when you need to use one app. This widget can connect other apps so that you can use more apps directly from your screen.

    Functional Text Widget is a free text widget and I have used it for a long time. Yes, it can tell me more information of weather and clock and battery, it also let me easier to use apps quickly.

    I recommend it to you and I hope that it can take you convenience in your daily life.

    A software widget is a generic kind of software application comprising portable code intended for one or more various software platforms. The term often implies that either the application or user interface are light, meaning relatively simple and easy to use, as exemplified by a desk accessory or applet, as opposed to a more complete software package such as a spreadsheet.

    The term widget engine is not to be puzzled with that of a widget toolkit. Toolkits are applied by GUI programmers, who combine several widgets to make a single application. A widget in a toolkit offers a single, low level interaction, and is prepared to communicate with other widgets in the toolkit.

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