g-Force Recorder




    Ever wondered how many g's you're experiencing in your favorite roller coaster or in your car?
    This app records the g-force sensed by your phone and gives you all the information you need.
    It also doubles as a pedometer - it counts your steps (implemented as data postprocessing).

    == Features ==
    + g-Force recording up to 1 week with choice of sampling speed.
    + No need to keep the app alive, all recording is done in the background. The max duration is selectable.
    + A notification is present in the status bar during recording, allowing also a quick link to the app.
    + Live monitoring is possible during recording.
    + All data (time, g-force, and g-force per x-y-z axis) is saved as .csv files (comma separated values) on the SD-card.
    + Data files can be sent as attachment with any compatible app on your phone: mail programs and more.
    + Data files can be tagged with your text, to identify them easier in the list.
    + Pedometer function available as one of the ways to view data.
    + Works on tablets too.
    + No ads!

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