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    This program allows to record phone calls. The program is designed to be a very simple in use.

    The program gives options to delete records automatically when they becoming old or when a record length is not long enough to be saved. Additionally it is possible to disable recording when headphones or Bluetooth device is used. Also it is possible to disable recording for incoming or outgoing calls.

    WARNING: The app does not work on S4 and Note 3 with KitKat 4.4.2 if records are being stored on a SD card. It is highly recommended for Note 3 users not to update to KitKat 4.4.2

    Features list:

    - Recording calls, ability to use automatic and manual recording modes
    - Showing grouped records extended with contact information such as name and icon
    - Disable recording when headphones on or Bluetooth device connected
    - Disable recording for incoming, outgoing call and for some contacts
    - Specify different audio sources for headphones and Bluetooth devices
    - Calling, sending SMS, creating an event from the app
    - Mark records as important, highlight and write notes
    - Stop recording from a notification
    - Play, delete the recent record from a notification
    - Specify a recording delay, a minimal length of records
    - Enable/disable the detailed notifications in the program
    - Split recording into multiple files
    - Deleting a record or many records at once
    - Locking/Unlocking records to prevent unwanted deleting
    - Ability to delete records automatically
    - Send records to SkyDrive etc
    - Integration with Google+
    - Screen Lock
    - Saving records to MicroSD card, DropBox disk
    - Fraud & scam protection

    Recommended devices for a two-way recording:

    S7 Edge (hero2lte), S7 (heroqlte)
    S6 Edge (zerolte), S6 (zeroflte)
    S5 (klte)
    Note3 (hltespr, ha3g)
    S4 (jflte)
    S4 Zoom (mproject3g)
    S4 mini (serranods, serranolte)
    Note 8.0 (kona3g)
    Note2 (t03g)
    S3 (m0, GT-I9300) ( except d2spr. d2att, d2mtr, d2can, CyanogenMod )
    S3 Duos (arubaslim)
    MEGA (crater)
    Grand Duos (baffin)
    S2 (GT-I9100) ( Android 2.3 only )
    S II (SGH-T989)
    S Advance (GT-I9070)
    Note (GT-N7000)
    Mini2 (GT-S6500D)
    Y (GT-S5360)
    Y Duos (GT-S6102)
    Y Duos Lite (GT-S5302)
    Y TV (GT-S5367)
    S DUOS (logan2g)
    S Epic (SPH-D710VMUB)
    Star (mint)
    Ace (GT-S5839i)
    Ace Duos (GT-S6802)
    Win (delos3geur)
    Core (arubaslim)
    Young (royssnfc, roy)
    Pocket Neo (corsica)

    Z1/Z (C6903)
    SP (C5303)
    U (ST25i)

    LNV-Lenovo A790e (msm7627a)
    Acer E320 (C6)
    ZTE N9120 (elden)
    Xolo X900 (blackbay)
    Moto G
    LG Optimus L1II (v1)
    Qilive 53 (msm8625)


    Q. Galaxy Call Recorder stopped working.
    A. 1) Make sure "Audio Source set to "Voice Up-Link + Down-Link"
    2) Reboot your device
    3) Use only one call recorder at the same time

    Q. I have purchased the ads-free item but the ads are back. What can I do?
    A. You could try to do the following to see if it resolves your issue with the ads.

    Clear the cache/data of Google Play Store (Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Google Play Store > Clear cache / Clear data)

    Q. When I use "Bluetooth" "Galaxy Call Recorder" records only incoming side of conversation
    A. This is the specific of Android OS which cannot be solved.

    Q. What is the max size of the recording which can be recorded?
    A. It depends on the free resources of your device. Galaxy Call Recorder does not limit the length of recordings.

    Q. Where can I find the files of the recordings?
    A. /sdcard/GalaxyCallRecorder/

    Q. What is the recording file pattern

    Q. "Galaxy Call Recorder" does not record some calls
    A. It is depends on the resources of the device. It is recommended to reboot your device once a three days.

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    Michele Germain

    by Michele Germain

    Jul 20, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Would not record. Extreme amount of ads. Huge waste of my time.

    Samantha Annonymous

    by Samantha Annonymous

    Jul 18, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Will not play recordings. Gives error message that states galaxy call recorder has stopped working.

    Imran Khan

    by Imran Khan

    Jul 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Umakant Sharma

    by Umakant Sharma

    Jul 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Not sure about anything On

    M Asaduzzaman

    by M Asaduzzaman

    Jul 12, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Why the hell put some sh**t on play store that didnt work

    Drift_Shots_Media _Presents

    by Drift_Shots_Media _Presents

    Jul 11, 2017  |  "Poor"

    What am i supposed to do... After the specified setting from developer still doesn't work good on Galaxy grand 2