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    Finally an app for car guys and gals who like to wrench!

    Welcome to Garage Buddy, your one stop shop for car themed calculators, converters, tables and more.

    -Want to go from 15 inch wheels to 17's? Garage Buddy can tell you what size tire to buy so your speedometer remains accurate.
    -Adding Air Conditioning to your hotrod and need to know what size belt to buy? Garage Buddy has the answer!
    -Going to put some big 33's on your 4x4 and need to re-gear? Garage Buddy can tell you how low to go!
    -Want to know what size carb to put on your new V8? Punch in a few numbers and Garage Buddy will tell you what CFM you'll need!

    Garage Buddy can handle the simple stuff too, like converting metric to standard. There are conversions for Speed, Distance, Volume, Torque, Weight, and Pressure.

    There's also a helpful notes section, where you can record important information for each of your cars, such as spark plug gap, part numbers, oil weights, etc. This is super handy to have with you when you go to the parts store.

    Garage Buddy includes the following:
    Engine Displacement
    Compression Ratio
    Units Converter
    Tire Size Calculator
    Carb Flow Calculator
    HP Loss at Altitude
    Belt Size Calculator
    Gearing Calculators
    Tap Drill Size Chart
    Drill Bit Size Chart
    Metal Gauge Chart
    Wire Gauge Chart
    Tool Conversion

    Do you think there is something we should add? Send us an email with your ideas and we'll do our best to include them in the next version.

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