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Gas pipe sizer - a PocketGas

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    Natural Gas or LPG pipe sizing for high pressure & low pressure systems is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with aPocketGas (Gas Pipe Sizer) program. aPocketGas calculates gas flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop. The oldest and most common equation - Weymouth equation - is used in the high pressure gas calculation. NFPA model for high pressure calculation is also included. For low pressure gas calculation, NFPA equation is used.


    - a small design tool app for Gas pipeline hydraulics to assist practicing engineers and designers in planning & design

    - calculate both High pressure (for infra & building distribution pipeline ) and Low pressure (for building internal pipeline) gas pressure systems

    - 2 models for high pressure calculations: Weymouth and NFPA; 1 model for low pressure calculation: NFPA

    - options to find flowrate, pipe size and pressure drop

    - pipe size table module with nominal or internal diameter selection

    - gas input calculation module with NFPA/IFGC appliance gas input value selection

    - built-in data, guides, etc

    - "save to file" function for printing

    - individually selectable SI-IP units

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