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    Gather42 is a MTG card Oracle text look-up app, designed specifically for offline use. It will never use the Internet to fetch any information, other than when you choose to update the database.

    Just about every piece of information you could want about every MTG card is included in the database: Oracle text, original printed text, all of the official rulings, banned and restricted lists, and even the triggered ability information.
    High quality images are used for all mana symbols in the card display.

    The goal set in mind when designing this app was that many other similar types of apps either look up cards on the Internet, or don't include all the information that is available.
    Looking up cards one at a time on the Internet can be very slow, depending on where you are with your phone. Sometimes you may not even have a useful Internet connection.
    Many other programs only include the basic Oracle text, because they believe that the printed text and all the official rulings would make the database too large, and it would be too difficult to obtain from Gatherer.
    This app solves these problems, including 100% of the information on Gatherer, with a database coming in around only a 4.6MB download.

    Search for cards on the main screen. Each word will be matched against the list of cards in the database, and highlighted in the results. If no direct matches are found, a backup closest spelling algorithm will be used to show results.

    Cards viewed are stored in the recent list, which can be accessed by clicking on the Recent Cards drawer handle on the bottom of the main screen.

    Click on the list of sets and rarities at the bottom of the Oracle or Printed tabs to view the original printed version of various printings.

    Supports searching card names from the Global Search, if you enable searching of Gather42.

    You can also search by card number or artist name using the option in the menu.

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