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    This app helps you set up AUTOMATIC actions and events on entering or exiting specific map areas called geofences. (Note: this app is NOT recommended for tablets at this time).
    Basically, you can add a geofence anywhere on a map, and choose:

    - When you want to be notified (entering or exiting the area, or both)
    - How you want to be notified (phone vibrating or playing a sound, or both)
    - What your phone is to do automatically on notification: turn on/off WI-FI or Bluetooth , put phone on Normal, Silent or Vibrate mode, send automatic SMS messages to contacts, fire auto-reminders, speak, etc. or any combination of those actions.
    By robotizing actions & firing events on crossing predefined map zones, Geofencer ’s aim is to help bring more intelligence into your Android device. The app uses 3D rendering and Google’s new location algorithm ("Fused Location Provider") to be more accurate and use significantly less battery life. You can also scroll, change the map angle. rotate the map or zoom with finger gestures.
    Location services need to be enabled on your device (go to "Settings/Location and security" and enable wireless networks and GPS). It does help to turn Wi-Fi on along with GPS... even if that Wi-Fi is not connected to any particular network ! That is because the Fused Location Provider uses all of the communication sensors in your phone. Enabling Wi-Fi helps Google Services detect a geofence crossing in case the GPS signal is too weak on that location. Increasing the fence radius of action can also help (in a 3G network, for example).
    In particular, if you can't see the "My Location" transparent button in the top right corner of the map, or if your location on that particular map spot is not accurate, there is no way geofencing will work reliably.
    - Text-To-Speech - TTS (v2.0). You can set up customized voice notifications on crossing map zones. All languages supported by Android TTS are supported by this app.

    - Activity Recognition (v2.1). Your phone will attempt to detect your activity (Still, Tilting, On Foot, On Bicycle or In Vehicle). When it is at least 50% sure that you are on the move, it will suggest you to turn your GPS on, in order to gain more precision in the detection of geofence crossings when your location is changing rapidly.

    - Automated Web requests (v2.5) on crossing geofence boundaries.

    - Custom phone settings (v2.7), pop-up Help tips, and better Settings screen..

    - Custom fence radius (v2.8) in Meters, Feet or Miles.

    This app comes with one geofence, which should cover many basic uses. Extra fences are available through in-app billing ( 0.60 euros /0.99 US $ per fence as of March 15, 2014).
    Sorry, only English version at this time (although the TTS part will work with other languages). Free app, no adds.

    Support for Android v2.2 discontinued as of version 2.8. This app now supports v2.3 (Gingerbread) and up.

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