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    This is a very handy app.

    GeoNote records geo-tagged walking observations. It automatically sends short or verbally-entered notes with GPS coordinates to a preset home email.

    Received emails have a link to Google Maps with an icon marking the precise location from which the note was sent. This forms a permanent record. (Satellite location setting must be switched on.)

    The email is only set once when the app is first installed. After that, it is automatic.

    My own use of this app is to record the locations of mineral occurrences and natural phenomenon I observe while walking in the countryside. I also use GeoNote to tag the location of maintenance issues on my woodlot olutside the city.

    The app can also be used for travellers to keep track of each other's location. By setting your companion's Gmail as the recipient address, and tapping the message button occasionally, the other person sees your current location on a map on their phone. This comes in handy if you are separated in a busy city or a wooded area.

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