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    ***JUST ADDED: NEW "MAPLink" feature (Paid Version Only), which is NOW INCLUDED in all GeoTarget Data Set Emails!***

    NEW Interactive MAPLink Feature: Now, when you use GeoTarget to collect "RAW" lat/lon data for your marketing needs, the GeoTarget app will "AUTO-GENERATE" a clickable MAPLink that will be included in all emails! The potential uses for MAPLink are vast, and from the safety possibilities alone, GeoTarget is worth considerably more than $.99!! Look for our New "How-To Use" Video....Coming Soon!

    In the world of "Precise Location Based Marketing", the last frontier yet to be conquered, lies in "RAW" latitude/longitude location coordinates!

    Without this "RAW" data, your marketing efforts are reliant upon digital maps and API's that can't offer anywhere near the same accuracy as the "RAW" data can. In fact, it's this "RAW" data, that will become a much sought after commodity in the very near future.

    Think about this for a minute. Suppose you are a marketing firm, and your team is looking at Geo-Targeting an ad campaign for a client. And suppose that the task involves a mobile application, whereby an event is triggered when app users approach the "Cosmetics Section" in a department store. At this point, using traditional map API's and geo-location techniques, just can't produce the accuracy required to make the campaign successful!

    With GeoTarget, you can effectively, "Nail Down", those "RAW" latitude and longitude coordinates to as little as 3-6 meters, yet remain independent of any digital map or API interference! In other words, GeoTarget takes you to the "customer counter level"...versus....the "neighborhood level" in which the shopping mall is located! BIG DIFFERENCE!!

    Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty! How exactly can we "Harvest", then use this "RAW" location data for our campaigns? More to the point, what kind of company can make use of this tool to it's fullest? Good question.

    First off, GeoTarget is an Amazingly Simple & Powerful Tool already in use by many sales organizations with a sales-force in the field. Whether that be associates in the food service industry, insurance industry, or individuals who travel frequently representing their respective companies. GeoTarget is gathering "RAW" coordinates all over the world!

    Second, GeoTarget is being used by data companies to harvest "Re-sellable" location coordinates. Once acquired, these location coordinates are placed in spreadsheets, categorized, and structured for future sale to marketing and advertising companies. In fact, future updates to GeoTarget will include a "How-To" series, on exactly what steps are necessary to sell your data on the open market. This feature WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE to GeoTarget Android App users, and will be available as a FREE UPDATE to your existing application!

    Forward Thinking individuals are already gathering Precision Location Data in their hometown using GeoTarget. They are marking coordinates in retail departments (like cosmetics & sporting goods), customer counters, seating sections at sporting events, points-of-interest along bike trails, and in so many other locations it's impossible to list!

    But SO CAN YOU!

    So get out there, and start building your own profitable "RAW" location coordinate database! Forward Thinking Marketing and Advertising companies await your data!


    High EMI, Climatic Interferences, Structural Interferences, Tower Loss, Phone Interferences: Low battery, GPS turned off, out-of-date os software, lack of internal memory, etc..

    P.S.: If you have any issues with your new app, then please contact me directly at 1-877-431-1737, then press zero....BEFORE you leave any negative feedback. Thanks for giving me the chance to help you first! Craig Workman


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