Gesture Password Locker




    Unlock screen by the gesture password you have set in the background you have chosen.

    - Lots kinds of background
    - Specific gesture password
    - App shortcuts
    - Base on Android System

    Setting instructions:
    1) Turn on this app in the main interface
    2) Open and set your gesture password
    3) Choose the background between system background and custom background.
    4) Open the sound and vibrate under them

    How to unlock screen though this app?
    i. Slide the locked screen follow the arrow.
    ii. Access app by app shortcuts in this page
    iii. Enter into the gesture password to unlock or open programs at same time

    In this app, you can choose two kinds of background for the locked screen, system background and custom background. The former uses the cell phone wallpaper as the background for the locked screen; the latter has many pictures for selection.
    App shortcuts are supported in this screen locker, it contains camera, phone, browser, message and contacts and so on. Click any of them you need to use later and enter into your gesture password to unlock. Or you can just to unlock screen.

    Lock screen is used by many operating systems, this app is used by Android system. It is a user interface element. Lock screens on cell phone provide more functionality beyond unlocking screen, such as a date and time display, or shortcuts to certain applications.

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