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    What is it?

    Use Glo Control to remotely schedule and control landscape, deck or patio lighting. Lots of customizable features. Great for controlling LED lights.

    What does it do?

    You can use your phone/tablet to communicate to a controller to do a variety of tasks:
    - Control up to 6 zones in total
    - Primary 2 zones schedule (turn lights on/off based on time)
    - Primary 2 zones dusk sensor trigger (trigger lights to come on when it gets dark)
    - Set light intensity for each zone
    - Display outside temperature (optional)
    - Use speech control to turn lights on/off (if supported by your device / ROM)

    *** This version has the same functionality as the Pro version except it sends "XX" over Bluetooth to the controller. The Pro version sends all commands.

    Customization Features:
    - Customizable primary zone names
    - Can hide/show outdoor temp and data console
    - 4 additional customizable buttons (can define button name and value to be sent over Bluetooth)
    - Set the controller real time clock

    What equipment is needed?
    This application works along with an Arduino-based controller that consists of a number of modules - some being optional. You will need to build the controller yourself. Parts can be had for < $75. If you are comfortable with soldering have worked with an Arduino, then this will be easy for you. Detailed build info and sample code is provided at the link below. The controller consists of the following components:
    - Arduino Nano (or other Arduino controller with sufficient Analog and Digital ports – i.e. the Uno) -
    - Bluetooth Module ( - other options out there.)
    - Real Time Clock (RTC) Module ( - other options out there. )
    - Light Sensor Module (
    - Voltage Regulator Module (
    - Solid State Relay (SSR) Module (

    The sample Arduino sketch is matched to the controller documented at the link below. You can customize the sketch to your liking as well as enable features that can be used by the 4 custom command buttons.

    What do you need to do to make it work?

    - The Arduino controller and related components
    - 12V Power supply capable of handling the total power requirements of your lights / devices
    - Lights - LEDs suggested.

    What else can it do?

    Since this application simply sends commands using Bluetooth to an Arduino device, you could effectively customize the hardware and sample sketch to do all sorts of things Other ideas:
    - Use it to control a sprinkler system.
    - Use it control more landscape light zones.
    - Use it to trigger outdoor lights on / off or based on a schedule
    - Use it to open/close garage doors
    - Use it to trigger animal feeders
    - Use it to tune an HD antenna
    - Control / monitor garage doors

    Details and build instructions:

    Keywords: LED, landscape, deck, lighting, controller

    Note: If you are looking for a remote control application for robots etc, be sure to check out BT Bot Control. This app allows you to remotely control robots over Bluetooth and also view what they see over a WiFi webcam.

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