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    What is Global Nuisance Call Blocker?

    Global Nuisance Call Blocker is an automatic protection against unwanted calls. Numbers to telemarketers and scam callers are kept in a list which is hosted by a cloud service. It is constantly updating as users provide new numbers to it. Your phone is synchronized with the service, so that you always have the latest list to block nuisance callers.

    Basic functionality:

    This application will help you to get rid of unwanted phone calls. If the number of an incoming call is present in the blacklist, the call will be blocked and will not bother you.

    This blacklist have two components: a local blacklist and a global blacklist. The local blacklist is generated by you only, and the global blacklist is generated by all users of this application.

    If you still get an unwanted phone call (e.g. a telemarketing caller) you can easily report this phone number as unwanted. The number in question will be added to the telephone's local blacklist of unwanted numbers and at the same time the number will be sent to a host server.

    When a predefined number of users have reported the same number as unwanted, the host server will add this number to the global blacklist, which will be downloaded to all users of this application.

    Call blocking:

    When the block service is on, every incoming call that matches a number in the blacklist will be discretely blocked. There is no sound and the call will not exist in the phone's normal call log. The blocked call will be logged by the application and can be viewed by pressing the "View block log"-button in the main activity.

    Reporting a number:

    If you wish to report a number as unwanted, simply click the "Report number"-tab, to view your most recent calls. If you click on a specific call, you will be asked if you want to report that number. If you choose yes, the number will be added to your phones local blacklist and at the same time the number will be sent to the server.

    The blacklist:

    The blacklist consists of a global and a local blacklist. The local blacklist consists of numbers that you have reported but don't exist in the global blacklist. The global blacklist consists of numbers that has been reported by several users.

    The server logs every single report in a database and when the reports regarding a specific number from different users reach a specific threshold limit, the number is added to the global blacklist. The application will check for updates of the global blacklist at startup and at intervals of one hour, and download it if necessary.

    Why this application is superior to all other blocking apps out there:

    The only thing you have to do is to download and install it, and voila - the unwanted numbers, according to the rest of the users, will be blocked.

    If you still get an unwanted phone call that you do not want a call from again, and/or you suspect that other users do not wish to receive calls from this number, you can easily report this number and you will not be bothered by this caller again and in the same time you have helped many other users to get rid of annoying calls from this number.


    We have a strict policy regarding our user's integrity. The reports made by users are never revealed to third party.

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