Got Root




    Is your phone rooted?

    You don't know what ROOT means and an application you want to use is asking you root access? use "Got Root" application to determine easily if your phone is Root or not.

    This simple app will test root access to check if it is properly setup.

    Gaining root access varies based on manufacturer, model, and carrier. If you're searching for root access to your device, this application will not help you. If you're interested in rooting your device, please use to find the appropriate rooting support areas for your specific device. Other popular web sites which provide rooting guides are and
    If the Superuser or SuperSU applications are installed and working properly, they will prompt to accept or deny the root access request from "Got Root". Accepting the request will allow "Got Root" to check for root access. Denying the request will result in "Got Root" reporting no root access.