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Government bids

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    GoToGov.Us will find and track government bids for your company!
    The parts you make or the services you provide!

    For Professional Services:
    Contracting officers database-
    Contracting officers by facility or agency
    By Zip and agency
    By Key Word
    By NAICS or FSC
    650,000 emails of contractors- no one has all the CCR data except us
    Database of all Government contractors
    By Key word
    By NAICS
    By FSC
    By Zip
    By State
    Sorted by award history if they have for back to 2003
    Sorted if they have award history in 2011
    If they have a GSA schedule
    If they are currently in CCR or if they are not current but did register at some point
    Expiring Contracts through 2015
    By NAICS
    By Key Word
    By Agency
    By Company
    By Year
    By State or 3 or 5 digit zip
    Award history of Professional Services back to 2003
    By FSC
    By NAICS
    By Company
    By Key Word
    By 3 or 5 digit zip
    By Agency
    By State
    Electronic Folders for sales and Management
    FOIA officers for all facilities
    SADBU and OSDBU for all facilities
    CIO personnel in every State
    CIO’s of 1,400 cities and counties
    1,420 Purchasing offices- Cities and Counties
    State agency phone books of all States
    1,500 Public Works officials in States and local Governments
    Federal Agency Business Planner for all companies

    For Parts Suppliers (90% of award history andsolicitations are not in FBO)
    Parts by NSN and FSC as well as matched to key word
    Award history of Parts to 1961
    600,000 sets of Drawings
    Daily solicitations by email and database (updated 4 times a day)
    Prices back to 1961
    4.3 million Technical Characteristics
    5 million prices paid
    Electronic Folders for sales and Management
    All research data provided to Professional Services

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