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    GSM\WiFi and GPS tracker sending reports via SMTP-server to email:
    * background service, autostarting after PDA reboot
    * while no GPS satellites connection available the app gets rough coordinates from mobile GSM network, 100 - 200 meters accuracy, but no extra power supply needed
    * gets precise GPS coordinates, if satellites are connected
    * send reports periodically only via a SMTP server to your Email: no any 3rd-party tracking server and your data publication
    * at losing Internet connection - GPS coordinates are being stored and to be sent together later when connection is available
    * emailing if navigation is disabled by the user
    * working by the schedule only: within the hours of chosen work days

    Simple and reliable way to know where are your staff, family, goods were and are.
    Customization for your business can be easly ordered.

    1. setup the schedule carefully and allow system's navigation to make sure that navigation can work. Internet connection is also required.
    2. "track" of the points can wobble, if some points are got by GSM-triangulation at the moment when GPS connection was unavailable
    3. A-GPS (assisted GPS) device requires an Internet connection not only to send emails, but to collect GPS coordinates.
    4. Light version: min reporting interval is 60 minutes.

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