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    GCalcD lite. A powerful, easy-to-use graphing calculator with unique features. Graph functions (also using polar coordinate system). Trig, exponential, logarithmic, hyperbolic, Gamma and Psi functions are all supported. Table of values; differentiation (symbolic); choice of background color; units converter. Calculate complex numbers and expressions in standard and polar (phasor) forms e.g., (2+3i)^i+5∠ (4). You can use i or j for the imaginary unit.

    If your expression is incomplete or if you make a syntax error the = sign changes to ? mark. When you touch it, this artificial intelligent graphing calculator gives you a feedback by precisely indicating the error.

    The graphing calculator graphs functions on an interval. When no interval is specified, the graphing calculator automatically appends a default interval to the function or parametric expression and draws the graph on that interval. You can change the endpoints of the interval, of course.

    Touch Polar on the upper right of the graphing area to draw the graphs using the polar coordinate system.

    Touch and drag the graphs to see the required region. To center the graph on the screen, touch the coordinate indicator on the top left of the graphing area.

    Touch ++ or -- on the lower right corner of the graphing area to zoom in or zoom out.

    Touch the lower left corner of the graphing area (where the caption is) to reset zoom.

    On this graphing calculate most keys are assigned a second functionality by long pressing. For example

    * Long press of the back-space button x←: Clears the input box. Immediately after pressing it will display back the deleted expression.

    * Long press of ^ (power) sign: Appends the 'intvl=(' to the expression if it is not already appended or deleted. Long press of decimal point inserts comma to separate the end-points.

    All of the above with more details are included in the built-in instruction menu of the graphing calculator.