Great Helper for Cell Phone




    This app is used to manage some useful functions of your cell phone, such as change mode, wallpaper and set alarm clock and so on.

    Conditions and events manager
    Adjust the message mode
    Google calendar helper
    Easy and simple to use
    For android cell phones and tablets

    Introduction of Great Helper for Cell Phone
    In this app, you can manage things in your cell phone in two kinds, conditions and events. Click the menu button and you will find these two sections in this app.

    You can manage alarm, Google calendar and message in this section.
    Click to expand it and check the detail.
    You can set the start and finish time for an alarm, the time here includes day, month and year, and specific time.
    Google calendar
    Choose an item from Google calendar and set the reminder time
    It is used to choose mode for message, available options are silent, vibration, air mode and normal.

    Shut down
    Click to start this function
    Change mode
    It is used to change the cell phone mode. You can choose from silent mode, vibration mode and air mode.
    Choose from notification, toast and dialog, and enter into something in the blank.
    Change wallpaper
    You can set the images in the SD card files and gallery as your cell phone wallpaper.

    Usage instructions
    Click the menu button to set things according to your using habit
    Press the menu button and click save to save your settings
    Check the saved settings in the main interface
    You also can click to check detail, reset and delete

    If you like this app, please give it some support, thank you!

    - Notice
    This app is totally free.
    - The way to support
    Leaving 5 stars or a good comment
    Sharing with friends
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