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    This free application can help you to calculate energy saving after upgrading your incandescent lamps to more effective light bulbs.

    Want to know how the light bulbs save energy for you? You should select lamp to replace from led, fluorescent and incandescent here. Once you choose a lamp, you can input the numbers of lamps, energy and you will get related output. You can also choose other lamps to test the saving energy. Then you can choose a better one for you home and office.

    A led lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes as the source of light. Most led lamps must also include internal circuits to operate from standard AC voltage. Led lamps offer long life and high efficiency, but initial costs are higher than those of fluorescent lamps.

    A fluorescent lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light than then causes a phosphor to fluoresce, producing visible light. A fluorescent lamp concerts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp.

    The incandescent lamp is a source of electric light that works by incandescence. An electric lamp is a source of electric light that works by incandescence. An electric current passes through a thin filament, heating it to a temperature that produces light. About 90% energy spent on heating instead of light production.

    You can use two kinds of lamps to get a best energy saving for different purposes. You will choose two types of lamps and you can see the result. The result also contains the lifetime. For example, you choose an incandescent lamp and a fluorescent lamp. Till the end of new lamps simultaneous work time 8000H will be saves480 kw*h, equal of burning 195.12 kg coil, 1406.4 m3 gas, 1636.8L oil, thus avoid emission of 720 M3 Carbon dioxide and avoid clogging with 8 broken lamps. It will save 48$ for price 10 c/kW*h.

    You can also send your results by Bluetooth, messaging and Picasa.

    You can also get access to a setting here. You can choose a units system from metric and English.

    There are 4 buttons at the bottom for you to have a good user interface, including setting, menu, and supply and about.

    For better user experience, modify the delay to 1 min in this app before the screen automatically turns off with the help of setting button.

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    This free application is free for you with your Android devices. You can use this tool to save more energy for our world.

    Download this free application Green Lamp now! Have fun! You can give us 5 stars if you like this free application in supply button and you can also share this free application with your friends. If you have a feature request, let me know and I am easily contactable via email. Please don't just give me a 1 star rating and go away.

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