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    Published: 2014-12-01, by .

    Improve your device performance by hibernating some apps

    • Make your device run smoothly
    • Easy to use
    • There are other similar tools

    "Your device... like the first day"

    Greenify is a popular utility app which helps techies and avid mobile users keep their devices fast and clean even when they have lots of apps installed.

    What is this application great for? Improving your battery life, memory usage and increasing your device speed. In addition, the developers state that if you have a rooted device, you won't have to worry about any of that.

    How does it work? Greenify shows you which are the apps that can cause a slow performance and allows you to stop them and feel like your device quickly works better than before.

    OASIS FENG is the developer of Greenify and the Donation version of the app. Don't accidentally put your Alarm clock to hibernate... as you might not wake up at the right time!

    Useful and easy to use, simple design.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Dec 01, 2014


    This is just a donation package which activates some experimental features in the Greenify app. These features can be enabled in settings of Greenify.

    === Disclaimer ===

    Some of these experimental features are still in early stage. They may not work on all devices & ROMs. They are included only for advanced users with sufficient knowledge about what they really mean and how to correctly use them. These features may cause malfunction or crash in apps. In rarely extreme case, you might need to factory reset your device to recover. I will try my best to avoid those situations, but take no responsibility for the possible consequences.

    It is safe to purchase and install, since nothing is affected until any of the experimental features is enabled explicitly.

    === Experimental Features ===

    Allow (most) system apps to be greenified in Greenify

    Beware, most system apps are critical to the basic functionality of your device, once greenified, you may lose some part of usability. If something bad happens, degreenify the system apps you recently greenified and reboot, or deactivate this experimental features of Greenify and reboot.

    Boost mode (requires Xposed)

    Android framework is patched to allow Greenify to perform hibernation and other operations without the slow root routine. Besides, Boost mode also improves compatibility of many features in Greenify.

    Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps (requires Xposed)

    Google service framework is patched to allow the GCM (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) broadcast to wake the hibernated apps, thus you can greenify some apps without losing the ability to receive push message.

    Attention: Not all apps use GCM as push mechanism, some apps create their own connection for push in background service, thus can't benefit from this patch and their push messages can never survive hibernation. Please DO NOT ask for that, it's just a "mission impossible" in practice. Instead, ask their developer to adopt the more RAM-and-battery-friendly GCM push.

    Reveal hidden sync tasks (requires Xposed)

    Some apps may contain hidden sync tasks which runs periodically, but cannot be disabled by user in system Settings - Account - Sync. This feature reveals those hidden sync tasks and let you to disable them.

    === Xposed Installation ===

    1. Download and install Xposed installer:
    2. Install the “Framework" in the "Xposed Installer" and activate "Greenify" in "Modules".
    3. Reboot

    === Why do I need to install another framework for some features to work? ===

    Since these experimental features all need OS level patches, traditionally they can only be applied with ROM modding, which is highly device-specific and ROM-exclusive. Xposed framework is a new hope to do finer grained tiny patches in a ROM-independent way. Thanks to Xposed framework, you can enjoy these experimental features of Greenify without replacing your ROM.

    === Feedback and further discussion ===

    Visit the community: or XDA forum:

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