Growth Recording Camera




    "Growth Recording Camera" is an application that functions like an album to enjoy the growth of your children and plants by taking pictures continuously with the same frameworks.

    Not only using the shipped package frameworks, but you can also make your own freely with the frame tool, which allows you to take pictures with a variety of frameworks like arsenal photographs.
    Taking pictures regularly like a fixed-point camera will enable you to keep track of even the slightest change and growth of the objects.
    The slide show makes storing pictures used for enjoying the flipbooks or for letting you sit back and relax for watching the pictures.

    Main functions
    -Album Function: Store taken photographs in albums respectively.
    -Camera with Guidance Function: You can take pictures with the same frame over referring to the guidance.
    -Guidance Creation Function: Tracing the pictures by fingers enables you to create your own guidance.
    -Notification Function: Queue setting is available so as not to forget to take pictures for regular shootings
    -Date Display Function: Display days from fixed dates like days from birth and seeding.
    -Backup and Restore Function: You can back up the pictures and restore them even after changing your gadget.

    Recommended Scenes
    -Growth record of Pregnancy
    -Growth record of babies and children
    -Plant and Flower growth record
    -Record of the dieting
    -Building Record to Completion
    -Annual Family Pictures, Commemorative Photo

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