Control your phone through GTalk / XMPP.

    Note: GTalkSMS is not a chat client, its a service on your android phone that connects to GTalk/XMPP and waits for special commands and informs a GTalk/XMPP account about new SMS Messages / Incoming Calls / Battery State / etc.

    * Start the application remotely by sending a SMS with "GTalkSMS" body then locate your phone, erase data or take photo if your phone has been stolen.
    * Receive and send SMS from a GTalk/XMPP conversation.
    * Search for :
    - contacts from GMail or Exchange,
    - old SMS,
    - call logs.
    * Start GMap, Google Street view or Google navigation from an address entered in a GTalk/XMPP conversation.
    * Copy text to android clipboard or text boxes from your PC with a real keyboard.
    * Get your Android phone clipboard.
    * Execute shell commands.
    * Receive notifications from incoming SMS or incoming calls.
    * Dial a contact on your phone.
    * Mark SMS as read.
    * Make your phone ring.
    * Make your phone send you geolocalization links (GMap links) to track down your phone.

    Widget and a notification icon are also available.

    For setup instructions go to the project page

    For Tasker / Locale integration visit

    If you need help or have some suggestions, you are welcome to post in gtalksms-users group ( ).
    Please DON'T use the Android Market comment function for such things.

    Sometimes Jabber doesn't work. It's mostly due to the Jabber server, then please don't blame GTalkSMS.

    If you like this application, consider buying the donate version.

    Note: This app uses Accessibility services if you want to receive every notifications on your chat client. The Accessibility services are not enabled by default.

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