GW2 Event Timer




    ** This is not an official app by ArenaNet

    This app uses the GW2 API to collect data in regards to the World Boss Events for eg: Shadow Behemoth.

    Simple native android app User Interface to facilitate an easy way of monitoring the events. The events will auto refresh every 1 minute.

    Please email me if you encounter any issues, any feedback or any suggestions. You can also pm me in game at "Sc Ar Z" without the quotes.

    Available Features
    - Monitor World Bosses, Temple events
    - Selection of Server
    - Auto Refresh
    - During event either Pre or Up state, the refresh rate will be auto adjusted to 15 seconds
    - Selection of Refresh timing
    - Simple, Clean, easy to use User Interface and BRIGHT LARGE text to show when event is up
    - Keep Screen Turn On (No Screensaver) when monitoring the Timer page, can be turned off
    - Event Timer, Time Limit timer (FE, Golem, etc), Up Timer (Option to turn On/Off)
    - Events jump to the top when Pre/Up
    - Checking of Open Dungeons (COF/COE) and Temples (COE and Temple of Lyssa currently not available)
    - More Information for events. Touch the status to show more info, disable by unchecking the option "Turn On More Information"
    - Alert when a event is Pre or Up. On initial launch, if there is more than 1 event Pre/Up, the alert will only show "Multiple Event". Please feedback to me if you would like to see a Notification version

    Currently the API does not cater for DateTime stamp. As this app runs purely on the APIs, it becomes a local tracking in regards to the timer. Thus do not over rely on the timer. On initial launch, the timer will be likely not accurate.
    After a event has been encountered, the timer will be updated accordingly. If the app is not used for a period of time, the timer will be calculated base on the number of cycles base on (Time To Window duration + Window duration) as there is no data as to when the last event was encountered.
    This timer feature will be the number 1 priority as soon as the APIs get updated.

    Features to be implemented
    - Auto reset of checkboxes when 100% rare reward is reset
    - More events (Looking for User Contributions)
    - More wacky event messages (Looking for User Contributions)

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