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    Published: 2014-03-05, by .

    Launch apps automatically when your headphones are connected to your phone

    • Original
    • Useful
    • Highly customizable
    • Status bar notification remains after disconnecting headphones until you "Force Stop" the app

    "Smartify your mobile device a little further"

    You use your favorite music player app to listening to music in your smartphone. That's cool! But... Wouldn't it be better if that app launched when you connect your headphones to the jack port? That's what Headphone Connect does.

    You can add as many apps as you want to be suggested in the selection dialog that will popup when headphones are connected. If you only add one app, you can enable "Single App Default" option from settings what would automatically launch the app after connecting headphones in the jack port without even showing the selection dialog.

    You can select the order the apps are shown in the dialog and customize it at your whim from settings. The Pro version unlocks "Headphone Disconnect" option which show a different dialog when headphones are disconnected and removes ads (you can upgrade from the app).

    The app is set in a simple yet intuitive interface. Original app concept. Recommended.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Mar 05, 2014


    Easily assign apps to launch as soon as you connect/disconnect your headphones!

    Start the app once and assign your apps. Select any settings or other actions to be performed, and from there a minimal service will run that launches a dialog with your pre-selected apps when headphones are connected or disconnect.



    • Pick different apps to add to each dialog
    • Launch a single app automatically
    • Customize how the dialogs look


    • Show the volume panel
    • Adjust the media volume
    • Start the service when your phone boots
    • Start actions on a delay
    • Prevent actions when the screen is off


    • Prevent showing the dialogs or performing actions when specific apps are in the current foreground. For instance, you may not want to show the dialog when you are already in a music app.

    Supports Bluetooth and USB C headphones!

    Advertisement is shown when configuring the dialog and actions but will never be shown in the dialog itself.


    PLEASE NOTE: On most Android devices a notification will run in the background informing you that Headphone Connect is running, to disable this notification look under Headphone Connect on the app manager screen and disable all notifications for Headphone Connect.

    TL/DR ^^ Android lets you "listen" for different broadcast events and "wake your app up" when they are fired off. For some reason unknown to me headphones being attached to or detached from the device is not something that will "wake an app up". The app has to already be awake in order to actually "hear" that headphones have been connected or disconnect. Naturally this is pretty pointless at least in this app's context. To get around it a service is launched which ONLY listens for that one event so minimal power from the battery is used.




    Hearing from users is great! I'll make every attempt to respond to comments on the Google Play page, but for a faster and more personal approach feel free to email me

    If you have any questions about this app, please first see the Settings -> FAQ page in the app. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, go ahead and send me an email.



    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETE - Allows the app to start the service as soon as the device finishes rebooting. This feature is off by default. It can be enabled in Settings -> General.

    INTERNET - Required by Google Play Services. More information on Google Play Service can be found at

    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Determines if the device is currently connected to a mobile data or WiFi source. Helps conserve data.

    BILLING - Allows for a one time purchase to remove all forms of advertisement. Also used to collect donations.

    BLUETOOTH - Listens for when Bluetooth headphones are connected or disconnected.

    PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS - Determines what app is currently in the foreground. Used in the blacklist feature.

    GET_TASKS - Same as the above ^^ (Deprecated only used on pre Lollipop devices)


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