Heartbeat Task Manager




    Heartbeat is a Task Manager and a Live Wallpaper providing CPU usage information history.

    Use it to diagnose why your Android device has been running slow lately or just because you're a geek and always want to know what's going on under the hood.

    Some of the main features are:

    Show global CPU graph or individual processes.
    Scroll the graph and see a history of usage information for any process
    Use the Graph Inspect feature to display, upon touching the graph, a small info box showing the top 3 processes that consumed the most CPU at the given moment on the graph.
    A live wallpaper showing the current CPU load. You will now if there is a faulty app or background service consuming CPU resources. All you have to do is double tap the heart and see what's going on :)

    Known Facts:

    This app does not hold a WAKE LOCK, so it will not drain your battery.
    If you disable the background monitoring service (you should not) the app is virtually useless, because it will monitor only while you are using the Task Manager Activity.

    Task Manager, Live Wallpaper, CPU Graph, Usage History, Diagnostic, System Monitor

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