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    It is necessary to have a way to call for help immediately without having to think too much about the difficulties during emergencies.
    Please leave it to Help Alarm to deal with it.

    Help Alarm is an application that allows you to alert friends and emergency services when faced with a dangerous situation (disaster, crime and injury etc.).

    It allows you to sound an emergency alarm, as well as will activate emergency calls to the nearby police station or hospital for immediate assistance which were set by the user earlier. The user can also make emergency call to his/her friend/family member in emergency situations.

    All are achieved with just ONE TAP of a button.

    - It provides for quick access to emergency services and friends cell-phones via a ONE TAP quick dial icon system.
    - Users can set nearby police station's phone number in app settings.
    - Users can set nearby hospital's phone number in app settings.
    - Users can set their friend/family member's name and phone number in app settings.
    - User can set the emergency help alarm sound repeat numbers in app settings.
    - Users can set all these emergency services' information internally from the app and also from external app settings.
    - All of these services are achieved with just ONE TAP of a button.

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