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    ★★★★★ IMPORTANT - Since the app's main purpose is to records calls by remaining hidden from the user, this app has no UI and all calls are saved inside /sdcard/.hidden/recorded_calls/ and THIS IS NOT CONFIGURABLE ★★★★★

    The main purpose of this app is to enable Parents to monitor the calls of their children without their kids being aware about this. This can even be used by others who wish to record phone calls (wives, husbands, employers, employees, etc) to avoid misuse.

    ★ Are you a parent looking for monitoring calls of your children without them being aware?
    ★ Are you an employer who has provided your sales employees & other office staff with an Android phone for office work and want to monitor the calls they make or receive through the device?
    ★ Are you looking for an app which "merely" records both incoming & outgoing calls and want to ensure that no body else is able to know that you are recording calls & even listen to your previously recorded calls (in case your friends have access to your device)?
    ★ Are you away from your family and want to keep all the conversation(s) you have with your family members and listen them back when you are feeling alone?

    Then, look no further - just install this app on the device on which you want to monitor calls and you won't ever miss a single call.

    ★ No root permissions required.
    ★ Doesn't drain battery at all - it only activates itself when you make or receive a call!
    ★ The app records voice from both parties during the call.
    ★ The app doesn't show up in the Home Launcher screen and is thus hidden from the user using the device.
    ★ The app automatically records incoming & outgoing calls.
    ★ Saves to /sdcard/.hidden/recorded_calls/ directory.
    ★ Since the path is hidden, the recorded calls won't show up in normal file browsers and music players.
    ★ Simply copy the recorded calls from SDCARD and listen to them as required. To support the main purpose of this app, email sharing & other forms of sharing aren't provided.
    ★ Great app for someone who wants all their calls to be recorded.

    ★ Recording quality would depend upon the device hardware and the audio codecs available on the device.

    NOTE: To ensure that the user of the device is not able to identify "hidden call recording", the app appears by the name Call Manager in the installed application list! This prevents the user, whom you are monitoring, to know that there is a hidden call recorder :) And, by any chance, if "you" want to uninstall it, select Call Manager from the installed application list.

    ★★★★★ Disclaimer: By downloading the app, you agree that (i) You'll be using this app for legal purposes, (ii) You are not violating any national / international laws and (iii) You agree that recording calls is allowed in your locale / country. ★★★★★

    Suggestions for making this app better are always welcome. Free free to drop me a mail, with the words "Hidden Call Recorder - Suggestion" in the subject, for features you wish, the app, should have to make it better.

    In case of any problems / issues, please feel free to email me, with the words "Hidden Call Recorder - Issue" included in the subject of your mail and I'll revert back to you asap.

    For custom enterprise solution for call recording / call management, feel free to drop me a mail with your custom requirements.

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