Hidden Shortcuts Unlocking




    This application is a screen locker.
    With this application,you could lock and unlock your phone screen quickly and conveniently.
    What's more,it has some shortcuts on the unlocking screen,however,they are hidden.

    Would you like to take a new unlocking experience???


    1.It is easy to make this screen lock service for your phone.
    Before you could use this screen lock,please get into the Locker settings.
    Here enable the locker and it will start to work for you.

    2.This screen lock is totally free.

    3.It provides sound and vibration as reminder of unlocking.
    Also you could also select to disable it according to your requirement.

    3.It is simple to unlock the screen.
    On the unlocking screen,there is a round button which indicates the left electricity inside.
    Click this button and the hidden shortcuts will appear.
    Slide it to any one of the shortcuts to unlock the phone screen.

    4.Here with the help this application,you could go to Contacts and Message quickly.
    So that you could make a call and send messages fast.

    5.On the unlocking screen,the detailed information of time and date will be displayed.

    If you like this screen lock,don't hesitate to download it to your phone.
    Rate it five stars or recommend it to your friends to support us.

    If you have any problem,please send us an email .

    There are online services which will provide an IMEI unlocking service for DCT4 and DCT3 Nokia mobile phones.This method of unlock requires the user to know which carrier the mobile phone is locked to, and also needs to provide an IMEI. Generally, older model Nokia unlock codes are free and instantly retrievable by these services. The unlock codes retrieved must be entered into the mobile phone using the keypad.

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