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    Secretly HiddenRecorder (HiddenRecorder, Ninja recorder ninja recorder) (high quality, reliability, speed, easy, reliable storage) than any other recorder is safe, fast and easy. (Berry's simple berry berry berry safe Quick Berry Perfect) mobile phone, turn off the screen, even if other work or continue to be recorded.! (Woah, Amazing!) Was important in the upper part when the microphone tucked away in your pocket or use a breast pocket! ~ (Though the voice is recording!) = How = 1. 'Start' button is clicked 2. Background services 'HiddenRecorder' is registered and starts recording. 3. Other work or cell phone is in sleep mode (turns off the LCD screen situation) come will still be recorded. 4. If you want to save the recording ends, the background, giving the service window 'HiddenRecorder' Click 5. Back to the main menu and 'End' button. 6. Recorded files are saved 'Media Scan' begins. 7. When finished, your phone's default media player eopeulin music play, delete, e-mail will be sent. (Music player for the Galaxy in the file, we find the 'Play List -> recently added music,' look at the most recently recorded music is easy to find the best on the show.) Files recorded on a computer when checking your phone's default folder / HiddenRecorder file in the folder: 2011y-5m-8d-10h-22m-33s-HiddenRecorder24122 are stored in this way. (Year - month - day - when - minutes-HiddenRecorder) GOM Player, and then pot the player, kmp player can play both. When you do this will require = = 1. Important one (a lot of money trading, stock trading, real estate, business, company, trading Pokemon cards, palmogajigeolgo jjolrimyeondwejisideunga .. etc) if you will never know when there is evidence against the two leave. I say to the boss at work, a lot of harassment and longevity forsythia hit jjajjeung ssiberiah nanjawansseu jjajangmyeon buldal ten times the exhaust twigimmandusseobisseu spicy cocktail Day, 3. Supervisor or colleagues at work as evidence of the crime by planting birina paeryun baby duck meat dishes do not fuck pigs cool dining table when you want to subvert the job dwieopdeutyi 4. 5 When you have negative comments quickly. Are not you sleepy to concentrate on lectures, meetings have recorded over again later when you want to hear 6. Together with his girlfriend at home, when a hidden tape recorder on or over a cell phone at home I go to the convenience store had put up tensions unleashed girlfriend puts cool fart. The recording sounds onto a myth when you want ㅋ nolryeomeokgo kikkikkik (and other currencies have been filled with men and love, if you do not know .. kind of medication, and knocked out) 7. Prohibit recording of a musical performance is the most by secretly recording the show alone again Do not want to hear when are you illegal. Some of the suikgeumjung HiddenRecorder application for the development of the Republic of Korea IT Industry dong banjiha SonJoy the company's handsome studio work in the office (my mom think so) cool, chairman and convenience of the programmer often eat lunch (a free bottle of mineral water), rice mongchayi cost is used. Applications for the suggestions and ideas here, please contact Hair Removal. Those who gave the idea saengmakgeolrireul Dream kakao talk: sonjoy e-mail: ps application icon I painted this nice? ㅠ Ninja geuringeoim ..

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