Hijri WCC




    Hijri Widget, Calendar, and Converter (WCC)

    This 3-in-1 app is 100% accurate and Umm Alqura compliant for recent years.

    1) Hijri widget.
    2) Month view Hijri calendar.
    3) Conversion between Greg/Hijri and vice versa.

    -Month view calendar of Greg and Hijri.
    -Widget to display today's date (both Hijri and Greg.)
    -Hijri date can be increased or decreased by 3 days.
    -Hijri month can be adjusted to be 30 or 29 days.
    -Hijri to Gregorian conversion.
    -Gregorian to Hijri conversion.
    -Ability to choose the first day of the week for the calendar.
    -Supports English and Arabic (through app menu).

    Android Wheel Control by Yuri Kanivets visit him at
    Conversion function from
    Calendar is based on the open source AnCal
    Arabic Support help by Aziz Huss

    هجرة هجرية هجری hijri hijra hijrah hijriah hijriya hijriyah AH хіджры хиджра 回历 回歷 hidžra Islamilainen Hijras हिजरी Iszlám イスラム暦 Hidžras Hidžros Hidżra хиджры Хиџра islamski ฮิจเราะห์ Hicri хіджри הידזשרי

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