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    Do you need to keep track of valuable home or office items covered by an insurance policy?

    Or organize important keepsakes? Or just sort out what to keep and what to get rid of at the next garage sale?

    Avoid wasted time searching for "lost" stuff with the Home Inventory Assistant App, your very own intuitive, easy-to-use (but powerful) keyword-searchable inventory manager. It’s searchable, sortable and you can even assign pictures to each item as you wish.

    * Comprehensive Data Collection: Record your inventory with as much (or as little) info as you want. The Home Inventory Assistant App includes fields for a picture, full description, price (including currency), purchase date and quantity too!

    * Auto-Suggest: Home Inventory Assistant offers both pre-defined (and custom categories as well as item auto-suggests for rapid data entry.

    * Easy To Find Records: Search inventories by keywords chosen by YOU so you'll never forget -- super-helpful!

    * One-Tap Expandable Menus: Don't get buried in too much information at once with quick access to items stored inside other records (for example, specific books kept in your 'Non-Fiction A-F' box) - it's all searchable by keyword

    * Super-Sortable: Sort items by name, by quantity, or by price – whatever works best for you!

    * Knowledgeable Support: Need help with Inventory App? We're easy to find on the web.

    Never lose track of important items and what you paid for them. Keep notes on the most critical things in each complete description field. Add lots of information or a little -- it's completely up to you.

    Home Inventory Assistant is your best solution to solve your inventory issues and simplify what used to be a mind-numbing task. Download it now!


    *You can create multiple inventory list for you Home, Office and other small inventory needs.

    *Add room categories by selecting from predefined list or add your own.

    *Add items and put descriptions to it.

    *Auto suggest feature for adding items.

    *Search item from your list using the search feature.

    *Sort list alphabetically, by price and by quantity.

    *Take pictures and add it to your item description.

    *Beautiful and clean graphics.

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