ICS App Picker




    Annoyed by Jelly Bean's new app picker? Bring back the old one. Less screen space, less clicks.

    Unfortunately the process isn't perfectly comfortable initially as Android doesn't allow a direct replacement of the system app picker.

    After installing ICSAppPicker, when you are asked by the system app picker to choose an app to handle a web link, open an image, audio or video file or many more types, just choose the ICSAppPicker to handle them always and it presents you the good old list of choices from now on.

    Under some circumstances the ICSAppPicker icon may appear multiple times in the system app picker. Just choose one one of them, it doesn't matter which.

    If you always want the same app for a particular type you should NOT choose the ICSAppPicker but instead choose the desired app in the system app picker to be used always.

    If you don't want the ICSAppPicker to appear for one or more particular types of data you can selectively deactivate it for those. Click on the installed icon in the launcher to start preferences.