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    Image Scaling for Android is a developer tool which allows you to instantly see the various bitmap image sizes you need to create for each of the various screen densities used by Android devices.

    Image Scaling for Android shows you the screen density of the device you are using and then allows you to enter a custom width and height for your image.

    The Image Scaling table then updates to show the image sizes (in pixels) that you need to make so that the custom image looks the same in each different screen density.

    The Image Scaling table also displays the image dimensions for Launcher Icons, Action Bar Icons and Tab Bar icons for each screen density so you have a quick and easy reference when making images for Android apps.

    For best results when making images for Android apps, you should make the image in the largest size and scale down to match all sizes. This will make your images crisp and clear.

    You should also make all images in a size that is divisible by four so that the scaled image sizes are integers instead of decimal numbers.

    Image Scaling for Android currently displays scaled image sizes for ldpi, mdpi, tvdpi, hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi.

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