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    The best real estate search, wherever you are. Remember: Your search is unique, just like the property you are looking for.

    • Find what you are looking for by choosing the location you are interested in or by drawing a more specific area on the map.
    • Choose the filters based on the characteristics of your ideal property: price, surface, with garden, with terrace and many others.
    • See the results of your search on the list and on the map.
    • Resume where you left. The App and the website are always synchronized so you don't lose any content.

    Save your search and favorite listings, there will be only one!
    • Save your searches and receive alerts about new properties that meet your criteria.
    • Save your favorite listings and add personal notes to simplify your search.
    • Hide the listings you've already considered and are not interested in.
    • Receive notifications if there are changes in your favorite listings, such as price.

    Lots of information and content, all to share!
    • Photos, Videos, Floor plans and 360° Tours in full screen.
    • Information about the mortgage for the property and possibility to ask for a consultancy
    • Name of the real estate agent, address and opening hours of the agency.
    • Contact the agency or house owner directly by email or phone.
    • Quickly share listings via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Social networks.

    The best place to publish listings for your properties.
    • Enter a perfect listings thanks to our easy and quick publication process.
    • Check the progress of your listings's visits and change it whenever you want.

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